Thursday, February 7, 2013

How do I Choose a Listing Real Estate Agent/Broker?

I get this question when customers call with a property to sell in another city or another state.  I know a lot of folks ponder this as they begin to think about listing their home.  Here are the questions I have given to people, including my brother, for interviewing an agent.  Using these questions and getting the right answers has not failed my customers yet:

1.  Please provide proof of 4-8 sales in the last year.  (Gives you an idea what type of volume/property the agent does, provides real data on sales experience)

2.  Are you going to pay for professional photography AND graphical enhancement for my homes pictures for the internet (this is VERY important with technology.  The pictures cost us about $350, but you will see a 0-3% higher price as a result of them in my opinion).

3.  Do you have another job (maybe verify with their office manager that they don't).

4.  Will I be dealing with you in the transaction and who will be showing my property (maybe so, maybe not, but you want to interview anyone who will be working on your transaction; you don't want to sign with a good salesperson to be relegated to an inexperienced sales agent)?

5.  Are you a full commission realtor (We owe our offices over $20,000 every year, pay for our own health and savings plans, and have listing budgets of up to $1,000 per home.  Proven brokers will not negotiate their commissions down before a sign is even in the ground.  If they are, are you signing a listing to be ignored... what part of the service are they cutting?)?

This is a very basic list of questions, but, they are the best ones I have found for weeding out a potential unsuccessful listing.  A bad listing costs you money and market time, not to mention a huge amount of stress.

Feel free to contact us if you need help finding an agent in your area :)

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