Friday, February 8, 2013

Top 5 Reasons (besides price) your House Didn't Sell

Your house didn't sell, and you are see red when you talk to realtors.  The thought of leaving all the lights and tidying up for people who are going to track wet pine needles into your house makes you nauseated.  You hated the process.

We have all felt that way.  Once past the anger, when you can look back objectively, was there anything you weren't doing?  Maybe you didn't know you should be.  No excuses now!  Here they are, the top reasons, besides price, the process of selling your home didn't work:

1.  Your house was nasty-dirty.

We all love our families and pets, but we don't like running our hands across the messes of other folks' families and pets.  Take 2 hours and do a deep clean.  You yourself will feel much better.

2.  Your house stinks.

Easy - dedicate yourself to 3 months of mundane cooking.  No Emeril Lagasse pork fat jalapeno dishes.  Cook chicken tacos.  Salads.  Gluten free chocolate chip cookies.  Anything besides foods that leave buyers heading strait to the dry cleaners.

3.  You "hung out" while, or right up until the moment when, buyers were at your home.

This feels like having a random stranger sit in on their yearly physical with the doctor.  Buyers feel really awkward around sellers.  Use a showing as an excuse to have coffee with your dad or play catch with your brother at the park.

4.  You dictated strict showing times.

"No showings on Monday or Tuesday, showings before 4 on Fridays, showings only when I am listening to Train on my Ipod and drinking bubble tea and walking."

You have to leave your house when buyers want to see it, 80% of the time.  It takes a lot for the modern family to drive around and view homes.  When they do, you want to be on the list.  If you're not, they'll forget about you :)

5.  Your house is staged too personally; you have personal items and photos all over the place.

There is a reason hotels don't hang pictures of the management and cleaning staff in your room.  That's an extreme example, but, the feeling applies.  Residential buyers (as opposed to investors) are looking to FEEL like they could live life in the house.  Conversely, they don't want to FEEL like they would be moving into someone else's apartment.

There they are, unofficial, a little direct, but in our experiences real.  Take a little more time to get ready for the market, so when you do, the process is palatable and positive.

Thanks for reading.

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